787 Studio events are open to all. They engage not only the mind, but the creative spirit. We will challenge our usual ways of relating by entering the sacred space of making—making art, writing music, improvising, crafting plays, dancing and more. See what’s coming up.

Odyssey Works Design Intensive

REGISTER HERE BY OCT 5TH FOR THE ODYSSEY WORKS DESIGN INTENSIVE The 787 Collective is proud to present this not-to-be-missed studio experience. From Odyssey Works Artistic Director Abraham Burickson: What is the one key to really great design? What is required for us to understand each other better? Work together better? A product or live…


787 Studio: Community Sing!

787 Studio enlivens and inspires our day-to-day work and sense of togetherness. In this 2019 short course series, we’ll explore some of the key concepts and ideas coming across our radar, using an informal setting to explore ideas, practices, and modalities of community building with 787 staff and local practitioners. Our first 787 Studio short course is coming up on April 11th at 7 p.m. with the fantastic…


Into the Quiet: A Workshop in Benedictine Meditation

St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church is hosting quarterly quiet days for young adults (19-39) that will feature experts in quiet–Episcopal monastics from around the USA. The first one is Saturday, February 16, from 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. at St. Christopher’s (8724 Travis Hills Dr, Austin, Texas 78735) and will feature the practice of lectio devina.…


Music. Making. Conversation: An Evening with James Hersch

Come listen as singer-songwriter James Hersh shares a little bit of music, a little bit of conversation, and a lot of creative fun as we enjoy the gift of music, consider the power of vocation, and get our creative circuits firing by crafting a collective song. It will be this Thursday, February 7, from 7-9 p.m.…


In Our Words: Citizen Book Discussion

Name: Elizabeth Welliver Age: 25 Relationship to the Collective (or the event): Young Adult Volunteer, part-time worker for the Collective, Attended Citizen: An American Lyric – Book Discussion: April 15, 2018 Describe the event in three sentences or less: A spirit-filled discussion of Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric. The group was intergenerational, interracial, and…



The Core Members of The 787 Collective are committed to finding new ways to gather young adults and create spaces for spiritual thriving within their congregational community and in the lives of twentysomethings. Past and present gatherings include a personalized retreat experience for participants at a home in Austin, a ritual Sunday supper with an innovative liturgy designed for participant engagement, a meditative photography workshop, and a bring-your-own-lawn-chair theological discussion around race over drinks and light dinner in an expanse of church property that overlooks the Greenbelt. Stay tuned to our calendar or check out our core member congregations to find out what else The Collective is currently and consistently exploring.


The ritual of breaking bread together is essential to the life of the community and gives Collective members a chance to engage in fellowship, share learning, and create a gathering space for all those that share in the joys and struggles of our work.

Reclaiming Positivity

During our March Communal dinner, we did a tiny art/reflection project around the things that we felt called to let die in our lives during the Lenten season.  Collective Member Caitlin Parsons shared that she was working to let go of negativity in her life, and shared this article about releasing “junk emotions” with the…


Ties That Bind

Written by: Martha Lynn Coon This Easter season, as we consider the story of the Resurrection, I’d like to spend some time thinking about linen.  More specifically, the fabric that bound the body of Jesus and on which his body lay in the rock hewn tomb in Jerusalem.  I’m not sure why this piece of…


In Our Words: 787 Collective Celebration Dinner

In mid-November the 787 Collective gathered for a celebration dinner. Good food and conversations were shared and our congregations began submitting their proposals for the projects they will be starting in 2019! We interviewed two of our attendees who share their thoughts below.   Name: Betsy Appleton Age: 35 Relationship to the Collective: Team leader…


Day of the Dead

This isn’t a comfortable title for a holiday, for many of us. A sense of conditioning in our society exists: to present our best selves, a self that isn’t sad or holding on to grief too tightly. It’s also difficult and weird to talk about our dead. We even hesitate to say someone “died” instead…


Advisor Dinner: A Study in Spiritual Objects

In an effort to keep our project as young adult centered as possible, we’ve been cultivating an advisor program over the past year that is now entering its second iteration. We’re still in the process of building this community, but we got things started with a committed core of folks over dinner in late August.…


In Our Words: Gathering – The R.S.V.P. 1

Name: Doug Harrison: Age: 46 Relationship to the Collective (or the event): A member of St David’s Episcopal Church 787 team, and lead artist for this event: The RSVP I: How will you respond? Describe the event in three sentences or less: After weeks of sending cryptic teaserinvitations (an even a questionnaire), we hosted a threshold-themed…


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