The lives and passions of twentysomethings are at the heart of our work. Although absent from most congregations, we believe many young adults are actively pursuing their spiritual yearnings for community and meaning through environmental action, social justice, creative expression, and other life-giving activities. We also believe they struggle with loneliness, alienation, anxiety and feeling lost. Christian communities hold these same human experiences and spiritual and religious yearnings in the wisdom and practice of an ancient and living tradition. Our hope in the Collective is that together we might discover new and innovative methods for bridging Christian communities and young adults in ways that will transform both populations not simply for the 20th century church’s self-preservation, but for the benefit of young adults in our community, for the great pleasure of sharing the way of Jesus, and ultimately for the renewal and transformation of the Church.


The 787 Collective gathers and resources Austin-area congregations seeking to engage with young adults through creative ventures that deepen love for God, self and others.


We envision a vibrant community of thriving congregations that include passionate, spiritually-grounded young adults working towards the healing and reconciling of all creation.


An artist collective is a group of artists who work together to achieve a shared aim. Their common goal may be anything from sharing studio space and the cost of materials to working collectively to inspire socio-political awareness in the community through exhibits and gallery openings. Our common goal is to create awareness in Austin of places where young adults may find nourishment for their religious yearnings. We work toward this common goal by each congregation practicing its own art of innovation, bringing the separate works together for mutual critique, support, learning and celebration, and joining our efforts to tell a public story. By conceptualizing and structuring the effort toward a common goal, we write a big, broad story about young adults across the Austin area being impacted by the Collective effort.