787 Studio events are open to all. They engage not only the mind, but the creative spirit. We will challenge our usual ways of relating by entering the sacred space of making—making art, writing music, improvising, crafting plays, dancing and more. See what’s coming up.


An artist colony is a group of artists who remove themselves from the work-a-day world to focus on their own art alongside other artists. The 787 Artist’s Colony will be a contemplative space for the individual work of spiritual transformation needed to listen deeply and with an open-heart, to let go of presumed certainty, and to follow the surprising calls of the Holy. Any person committed to the purpose, young or old, may participate in Colony retreats.


The ritual of breaking bread together is essential to the life of the community and gives Collective members a chance to engage in fellowship, share learning, and create a gathering space for all those that share in the joys and struggles of our work.

Are you ready to get started?